Create the server

First fo all you need to login to your provider and create a machine, generally you need an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or newer (see compatibility for more informations); see the provider documentation for this step.


Login into your remote machine via SSH and paste this command, if you are in with a sudoer user (not root) run this command in the bash:

All operations have to be done on a new clean machine, DO NOT RUN on already installed machine. If you are logged with the ROOT user you can remove the sudo command before sudo sh

$ wget -O \ ; \
sudo sh

This operation will take several minutes to finish, at the end you will recive all credentials. Save those data in a secure place. See advanced usage to find additional options for installer customizations.

If you want to install an older version see releases and replace latest/download in the url with download/[version]. e.g.

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